Tomorrow Looks Bright is a weekly newsletter that curates high quality impactful projects and products from around the internet with the intent to showcase the bountiful creative energy of Black women creators. The idea of designer, Kristy Tillman, Tomorrow Looks Bright Weekly provides the combinatorial link to learn about all of the amazing things Black women are doing and creating that remains scattered across the web. The core ethos behind this project is to galvanize our collective (and those who wish to advance us) around a common creative force to provide support and awareness to sustain our ventures.

Some example projects and products include: podcasts, comics, wearables, documentaries, t-shirts, books, webisodes, an album, a website launch, a Youtube channel. We focus on discrete creative projects and products.

Thank you to @kasandra_alexis for motivating me to create this project. 


You can reach us at hello@tomorrowlooksbright.com and follow us on Twitter @TomorrowLB